we aim to make your projects successful through careful selection of efficient processes and appropriate equipment. We cater for your needs with an integrated approach. Our commitment is to deliver on time and within budget, insisting on high order turnaround time and customer needs

Smart ICT systems

We supply innovative smart IT hardware that will improve your systems in no time. We supply Automated Bus Fare Collection machines, Face Pay Services and so much more.


We supply high quality synthetic grass for various landscaping, for both residential and industrial use.

Real Estate Development

From renovation and release of buildings to the purchase of land and development and sale, Ultra-Shelt limited undertakes these projects for development or on behalf of a client.


We pride ourselves in providing a full package of Structural Engineering, Planning and Designing at competitive prices.

Mining equipment supplies

Our supply service is tailored to the exact needs of each customer. We take into consideration the needs of clients with regard to production volumes and equipment.

Educational Investment

We work with clients and partners to develop infrastructures for tertiary institutions in both private and public sectors. 


Ultra Shelt Limited successfully delivers Construction, IT systems, Real Estate, Landscaping and Equipment supply services to clients globally. Our comprehensive solutions span the entire project life cycle and deliver capital efficiency.